British White Cattle Farm in Texas

 Why We Recommend American Fullblood British White Cattle

A Nice Pair of British White Cattle

A Nice Pair of British White Cattle

British White Cattle For More Overall Purity & Consistency
By continually stacking genetics it seems logical that a breeder should eventually build a herd of American Fullblood British White Cattle that will represent the ultimate in overall purity and consistency.

Gentle Breed
British White Cattle are possibly the most gentle cattle of any beef breed. This trait alone makes them your ideal choice whether you raise cattle as a hobby or on a commercial basis. British White Cattle are extremely easy to work with and it has been documented that gentle cattle do better on feed and hang a better carcass.

Fertility, Easy Calving & Excellent Milking Ability
      The single most economic trait in the Beef Cattle Industry is the ability of a cow to give birth to her first calf at two years of age and then give enough milk to raise it on her own. Her second and each subsequent calf should arrive within 12 month intervals. Carrying a cow through a year’s feeding without her producing a calf is probably the most unnecessary expense in the Beef Cattle Industry. British White won’t let you down.

Efficient & Trouble Free
British White Cattle are known for their “Easy Keeping” and it is not at all unusual for a fifteen year old cow to have an udder that resembles that of young four year old. Their black ears, eyes, muzzle, teats and hooves reduces or eliminates the problems associated with pinkeye, cancer eye, udder or feet problems.

Growth & Hardiness
British White Cattle have developed an ability that enables them to forage and graze in all kinds of adverse weather conditions. They thrive in either extreme heat or cold. British Whites have done well in all regions of the United States, South Texas to Georgia, to New York, to Minnesota, Nebraska, North & South Dakota, to California and throughout the Central & Midwest States. Coast to coast and Mexico to Canada.

Lean, Tender, High Grading and High Dressing Percentage
British White Beef is right for the times. The meat is very lean and tasty. A thin rind of back fat with a light flecking of marbling that sets off the obvious quality of a good steak or roast. It is not at all unusual and has been well documented that an entire pen of British Whites will grade above 90% Choice & Prime while dressing out at over 65%.