This British White Cattle site is a continuing project of Morris Halliburton’s BritishWhite.com website that was first started in the late 1990’s. This site has been completely reworked and we elected to list most of the archived content on one page instead of trying to reorganize it. That archive list is available here.

Our place is a small family owned and operated British White Beef Cattle Farm near Bells, Texas, USA breeding a herd of Rare American Fullblood British White Cattle.

We first started our fullblood program using imported British White Bull Semen from the finest bulls available from England. Our British White calves were produced with A.I. (Artificial Insemination) and E.T. (Embryo Transfer). We wanted to be known as a source for the very best American Fullblood British White Genetics.

We had our largest ever crop of embryo calves born during the fall and winter of 2003-2004. All were sired by the English bulls, Castleton Brendan, Woodbastwick Marble, Woodbastwick Randolph Turpin and De Beauvoir Huckleberry Finn.

Would you like to increase the value of your cattle? Registered British White Cattle are worth more. Ask and don’t buy unless they come with a Current Registration Certificate in your name showing they are registered with the British White Cattle Association of America? You always got that and more at no additional cost when buying from Halliburton Farms.

The British White Cattle Association of America was first Incorporated in 1988 and I discovered British White Cattle in 1989 and knew right away this breed was the BEST FIT for my farm.

I joined the British White Cattle Association of America as an Active Member on July 3rd, 1990. In 1994 the British White Cattle Association of America found itself in need of someone with a few all around skills to be their Executive Secretary. It was my privilege to have been selected as that person, a position I served in until July 2013.

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