British White Beef A Healthy Choice

British White Cattle produce British White Beef That Is A The Healthy Choice

Today’s breeder or rancher has a lot to consider when selecting a breed for their operation. The breeder wants the most efficient and cost-effective cow available to minimize costs, which equates to maximized profits. Consumers are efficient as well. They want the leanest beef available. With health issues like high cholesterol and hardened arteries dominating health news, today’s consumer avoids fat wherever possible. Therefore, breeders and ranchers have twin priorities, a breed of cattle that minimizes costs, and an end product that meets the needs of consumers. Is there one breed that can provide all of these things?

The answer is the British White, a breed that offers superior cost-reduction, while at the same time has a proven history of producing top quality meat with a low fat content.

British White cattle have been a recognized domestic breed in the United Kingdom for centuries. It also has a long history as a wild breed, having been released into the wild when the Romans left Britain around 400 A.D. With over 1000 years in the wild, the breed adapted itself for survival. Other attributes are that the British White calves easily, resists ticks and diseases, and is able to survive and thrive on lean pasture. All of these traits carry forward to the present day, and selective breeding for nearly 400 years has only enhanced these characteristics. What is left is an “easy keeper,” a breed that needs only a little human intervention, which translates into lower costs maintaining your herd.

If the breed is wild in origin, you ask, is the meat gamey and tough? Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, more than 100 years ago, one British breeder remarked at how little fat there was in British White beef. What fat is there is nicely marbled to add flavor to roasts and steaks. Ground beef from the British White is virtually fat free, ensuring a health market amongst health-conscious consumers. It is not uncommon for a British White to hang a carcass that has a 66% carcass-to-live weight ratio, and more than 90% of the resulting meat dresses out to choice or prime grade.

The British White is a breed that combines the most profitable traits for your herd. With excellent fertility and a history of good, healthy cattle, the British White will minimize your healthcare costs. It also converts feed to weight very efficiently, which means you can maximize your sale price while saving money on feed costs. Additionally, the British White produces top quality meat that is unrivaled for its leanness and tenderness. If you are looking for a breed that makes sense for your twin requirements of healthy cattle and healthy meat for today’s consumer, you need look no further than the British White.


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