British White Cattle are Gentle and Lean

British White Cattle are Gentle and Lean; as one breeder says they are Gentle for Show & Lean for Dough

     Breeders have a tough job. They have to produce quality cattle that will enhance the value of their herd. To do so, they must choose a breed that shows well while at the same time produces quality meat with low overhead costs. In today’s competitive marketplace, a breed that minimizes costs but also ensures a high return on investment will sell well and establish your breeding operation as one of the best. While many good breeds are available from which to choose, only the British White stands out as an excellent breed for ranchers. The British White keeps costs down, while it also shows well and produces excellent meat.

     One factor in selling your particular herd is its gentleness. When your customer comes to see your cattle, skittish cows and calves make showing difficult. The British White is quite likely the gentlest breed on the planet. British White cattle are naturally curious, so strangers are not cause for alarm. When you bring your customers to the field, your British White will stand and allow examination. Additionally, they are not hostile. In fact, most British White bulls can be approached without too much fear. The breed employs the nursery system of protecting calves, with a lone sentry keeping watch while the rest of the herd grazes. However, a familiar face can still easily approach the herd in these circumstances. While the British White is comfortable with people, it also is hardy enough to graze on the wildest of pastures, an excellent selling feature when dealing with ranchers in remote areas.

      The British White keeps costs down as well. The breed gains well on grass or feed, and cows produce more than enough milk for their calves. It is a healthy breed, with natural tick resistance and infection fighting abilities. Black ears, eyes, nose, teats, and hooves help to reduce cancer of the eye, pinkeye, and foot problems. Calving difficulties are extremely rare with the British White due to this breed having a long history in the wild, resulting in a natural selection of weeding out most breeding and calving difficulties. British White meat dresses out extremely well, with more than 90%, on average, of choice and prime grade beef.

     British White cattle can make your job as a breeder much easier and more enjoyable. This breed of cattle is an extremely versatile breed, with many desirable characteristics that make it an easy sell to both small operations and large herd ranches. Its gentleness makes it an easy show, while its durability and high quality meat provide excellent selling features. When it comes to the British White, there is really nothing negative that can be said.

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