In the spring time near Bells, Texas, USA
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The pink tree is a native Redbud, they bloom or bud in early spring before growing leaves.

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The cows really enjoy a nice spring day. Full and a nice spot to just relax.

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Some are so relaxed they look dead, but not so. This kind of relaxing good for humans too.

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This is a view from the front door of the Halliburton Home. We spend lots of time just watching. The cows get even closer in back of house, within 30 foot. Click for a sneek preview.

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Here we are moving to a new pasture. These critters are easy to move. I talk to them, "Come on girls let's go to a new pasture." They understand people talk and follow right along.

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This is the new pasture. It's always fun to stand and watch them for a while. I usually wait until all their heads are down and slowly walk away. This makes it all worth while, really gentle and beautiful cattle.