British White Cattle & Other Pictures

Jean 9lb cabbage.jpg (38648 bytes)

Jean 12lb cabbage.jpg (39398 bytes)

Jean's 9 pound cabbage.

The one on the left was big until this one came along a few days later. It weighed 12 pounds, the tomatoes are one pound each.

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phesant 6_5_99.jpg (80135 bytes)

Jean's dog Angel on left, Jean on right at 1999 family reunion, June 5, 1999.

Pheasant that has taken up refuge in Jean's Garden and Blackberry patch.

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The above pictures look more like Elk than British White Cattle, however they were made in Halliburton Farms pasture on May 11, 1999 about 7:30 PM.  A pretty strange place to find two white Elk. Pictures taken in order from left to right.

MarshallRussell CowHerd 4_99.jpg (18866 bytes) MarshallRussell David Popeye Bull 4_99.jpg (43398 bytes) MarshallRussell Popeye Bull 4_99.jpg (21524 bytes) MarshallRussell Yrlng Heifs4_99.jpg (51745 bytes)

Four pictures above taken on 4/29/99, Left to right. Part of David Marshall & Jack Russell herd, David Marshall & Popeye Bull, Popeye Bull and David Marshall & Jack Russell yearling heifers.

MarshallRussell CowHerd  Part 4_99 David.jpg (40132 bytes) MarshallRussell CowHerd  Part 4_99 David_G_Kidwell.jpg (44204 bytes) MarshallRussell Yrlng Heifs4_99More.jpg (81622 bytes)

Pictures taken 4/29/99. Left picture shows David Marshall calling to part of the herd on pasture. Center shows David & Grady Kidwell observing part of herd that responded to David's call. Right, some good yearling heifers.


Bonnie_and__calves save 15.jpg (4548 bytes) Cow_cafBrighter.jpg (206077 bytes) Bwcow2.jpg (128108 bytes)
Halliburton Farms British White Cattle near Bells, Texas, USA.

Bohaty17.jpg (109465 bytes)
Bohaty home feedlot in summer of 1995 near Bellwood, Nebraska, USA.

bakers_meh save 12.jpg (11459 bytes)
Charlene Baker, Duane Baker & Morris Halliburton - Springfield, MO

jrbull_hilltruck.jpg (59183 bytes)                                   Bohaty95B_AAA_ValentineBullCalf.jpg (17611 bytes)

H. Farms Junior Bull, early 1990's                          Bohaty 1998 Bull Calf.


BohatyNancyGentleCalf1 save 66.jpg (30063 bytes) BohatyNancyGentleCalf2 save 64.jpg (33443 bytes) BohatyNancyGentleCalf3 save 11.jpg (15079 bytes)

Nancy Bohaty and one of their "wilder" British White calves.
Picture taken early January 1999 in what looks like the middle of cornfield in sunny Nebraska.

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Hay show time, Halliburton Farms