My Frog Story

   For about the last couple days in October and first week in November 2003 this little frog greeted me morning and evening as I went to the barn to feed my British White Cattle. First day I didn't think much about it but as it became more persistent I decided to take a few pictures.

Click an image to see a larger picture.

 No I don't have a clue as to what kind and can't say that I ever remember seeing one like it before. To give you an idea as to it's size, it is sitting on one-half inch square tubing. These pictures were taken on about four different days. Occasionally it would be at a different height but always on the gate. Never jumped off once when I opened the gate. Some days it was a little over four feet up. A mighty small frog to be that high up and without wings. How does that old saying go? "If a frog only had wings". Boy this one needed them.
It was different colors or at least different shades of color at different times and I don't know why.
Yesterday my wife was raking leaves and discovered it or another one under the leaves. She said it was same color as the leaves this time.
And what does this have to do with British White Cattle? Who knows for sure but I would never have become acquainted with this little frog had I not owned British White Cattle. Maybe you should buy a few British Whites.