How To Price A British White Cow

How to price a British White Cow

Basic Model                          $2,500.00
Shipping and Handling                 650.00
Extra Stomach                          175.00
Two Tone, Black & White Color     225.00
Food Storage Compartment         200.00
Built in forage chopper                625.00
Four Spigot Calf Feeder              550.00
Fly Swatter                               75.00
Cowhide Leather Upholstery        225.00
Horns (Not available this model)      -0-
4 x 4 All Terrain Traction            750.00
Pre-delivery Make Ready            100.00
SUGGESTED LIST PRICE          $6425.00
Less Farmer Rebate                * 425.00
NET PRICE                            $6000.00

Other Extras Available for Some Models

May be negotiable, sort of dependant on how hungry the farmer’s family is.

Now Lets Get Serious For A Moment

A Long Standing Pricing Theory For Registered Cattle

  1. A good place to start is one and a half times commercial price. Then temper it with reason based on your cost of production and the current supply and demand for your breed. 
  2. Never sell a registered seedstock animal for less than one and a half times commercial price regardless of where you are in the cattle cycle.
  3. Any reputable seedstock producer will want to guarantee his stock, this will add to your cost.
  4. There is additional records and paper work involved with registered animals, this will add to your cost.
  5. Successful seedstock producers will need a consistent advertising and marketing program. This adds to your cost.
  6. To offer only good seedstock for sale requires some culling, this adds to your cost.

     The gentleman that passed this theory on to me raised registered Angus cattle for over 70 years. He also added that if a commercial breeder could get by on commercial prices and I could not get along with one and a half times commercial price then maybe I was in the wrong business.


British White Cow

A Standard Marked British White Cow