Registrable British White Cattle

Recently there seems to be a lot of marketing hype related to cattle that are Registrable in both the British White Cattle Association (BWCAA) and the American British White Park Cattle Association (ABWPCA).

I would encourage you to study the British White Cattle Association Registered Owner rule very closely. I believe this rule is universal to all registered cattle associations whether stated or not. It is on page 12 of the BWCAA Breeders Guide and copied below:

UPDATE – In the latest Rules & Regulations this is on page 14 but was not changed in the 2015 update.
The entire Breeders Guide is available on line here:

“Registered Owner Name. Registration applications should be filed in the same name as the owner shown on the Dam’s Registration Certificate. The association can not register progeny in your name if the Dam is registered in someone else’s name unless it is a purchased embryo and then the appropriate information must accompany the application for registration.”

I believe this rule is telling me that the owner of the dam at the time its calf is born becomes the first owner of that calf and is the only one authorized to register the calf unless it is an ET calf. And it also tells me that additional documentation is needed for authorization to register an ET calf.