Savoy FFA 2004 Livestock Show at Halliburton Farms


     A Perfect day in September 2004, cool morning, severe clear day, lots of super good kids exhibiting their love, affection and respect for each other, adult supervision, nature and above all, their Farm Animals. You could not ask for anything better. How many attended? Who knows? Definitely more than 100, probably less than 1000 but enough to realize the future is in good hands.
      Never in my life have I heard these words repeated so many times in one day, "Thank You Mr. Halliburton." Many Thanks Kids, you even got me to using that "Mr." part in a couple of the pictures below.
     To all those that I failed to get in the pictures below, I apologize. Why is it that when you start looking through the pictures you always remember the shots you missed? It was fun and I did preserve a few memories.

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The crowd started arriving very early, some before first light of day.

This picture is from out near the entrance. Taken just after sunup and look how many early arrivals there are. Cattle parking to the left, sheep & goat parking to the right. About 5 acres each.

This picture of early arrivals was taken looking towards the barn from near the center of the cattle parking area.

You can tell by the looks of the crew that weigh-in is going to be properly handled today. I believe these are all Savoy Ag students. They did a great job.

Hard to tell what is going on here but I can tell by the attentive look that it is going to be worked out and handled properly. A really good group of kids can always handle it, especially if we adults stay out of their way.

Thanks to the many sponsors and supporters, our dream of a new Ag Barn can't be far away.

Again, thanks to the many supporters there were a lot of silent auction items.

A picture from top row of the bleachers inside the barn looking out through the trees towards the cattle parking area.

Part of the crowd looks tense. Wonder what is happening in the show ring. First four from left to right, Ashley from Wylie, Jamie from Bells, Andy from Wylie and Grannie from Plano. Others I don't recognize.

Daisy & Heather. Daisy exhibits her best pose for her beautiful handler. A great pair and the bonding between them is far beyond anything you could wish for.


Show Time is near. Heather on the left enjoying the moment and Aunt Nette leading the heifer reliving her childhood days. I agree Aunt Nette, they were good times.

Those last minute touch ups are all important. Aunt Nette gets in a few more strokes just before Daisy & Heather enter the show ring.

Daisy seems to be looking her competition over pretty close. I'll bet she is doing some thinking too. Like, you girls may be bigger now but you are older and just wait a few montsh and I'll show you a thing or two.

Wow! Look at that classy little heifer leading the way. First time in a show ring, well trained and leading those old girls around like a pro. Good job Daisy & Heather.

Mr. Halliburton, Heather and Daisy.

Heather & Daisy did a great job representing our breed.

Speaking of representing our breed. What do you think of this steer from the other gender? His name is Bud and an extremely nice gentleman.

Won't be long until show time, we better put a few finishing touches on him. He's really looking great.


Guess what folks? We not only had the prettiest cattle, take a look at that Ag Teacher working with the British White Steer. Yes she is the one with the blow dryer, the young man to the left is one of her students. Both from Plano, Texas FFA.

Adam, Mom & Bud heading for the show ring. I know you can't hear them but Mom is giving lots of last minute instructions so there is no way we can fail.

All those last minute things are done and Adam is heading for the ring with Bud. Check that look on Mom's face, she's probably thinking I forgot to remind Adam what his name is. I'll bet they do good anyway.

Bud is probably asking himself why he always has to be seen in association with others that appear so different. Can't we all just get along, be friends and judged on our quality instead of color or other unimportant traits?


  Daisy, Heather, Bud, Mr. Halliburton and Adam

No we didn't win it all but "Thanks to Heather, Daisy, Adam & Bud" we were sure noticed and well represented. Unless my eyes fail me I believe I can see both blue and purple color in the picture. Many more folks now know what a British White looks like for the first time, including the judge.


All good days eventually must end and the time is near for this one. Jamie, Andy, Daisy and Heather head for the trailer.
Heather must hurry back home to Wylie, Texas. I believe I heard something about her being a member of the Wylie Rodeo Team.
Yes folks, it is the same young man at the halter in both pictures. I couldn't resist pointing out his T shirt on the left and his reaction on the right when a beautiful young lady gives him the eye. Apparently not much bite in the T shirt expression, just a quiet subtle fishing expedition. I'll bet he also likes to hunt and thinks dear is spelled DEER.


This is what everyone saw as they entered the farm & temporary show grounds. We hope they remember it and return again soon