Heather and Daisy at 2004 Texas State Fair


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Heather and Daisy at the 2004 Texas State Fair

It's time for that much enjoyed bath before getting groomed for the big event.
Notice how gentle this young six month old British White heifer is as Heather soaps and scrubs her in so much detail. It's rare indeed for a heifer so young to stand so perfectly still and let anyone mess with her legs and feet, especially the back legs. And all this even when a stranger walks up and starts to ask questions. Gentleness is a natural trait of the breed and this particular heifer was one of the harder ones in the beginning.


After a cold shampoo and rinse a steady stream of warm air from a hair dryer always feels good. Daisy even seems spoiled to that special touch by Heather in applying the air in just the right way.

Daisy finally gets a chance at a few relaxing moments before heading to the holding area near the show ring. Even here she appears to be talking to her agent through her interpreter, Aunt Nette standing in front with the phone to her ear.

Now we are in the holding area with cousin Adam giving instructions and applying some finishing touches to the grooming. Notice how all the livestock equipment is so conveniently displayed in your way in the holding area.

More of the same but this picture also has dad on the left giving a few instructions on how to not be nervous when you go into the ring. Look close at the Paul Scale, it may be blurred as it was the only thing moving in this picture.


Adam must be giving very important last minute instructions. Now if you will just do as I say it will all be ok.


Aunt Nette, Grandma and the livestock equipment are crowding the area as heather helps Daisy work off a little energy before going into the ring. But the ice cream is good.

Look very close at this and the previous picture. Mother, Daughter but only one $5.00 ice cream cone. Now that must go beyond all rules of sharing, even beyond offering you first choice of two pieces of cake.

Heather and Daisy knew they were going to have a good day, it is shining through in that big smile. Aren't they beautiful?


Heather pays very close attention as FFA Advisor, Mr. Hartley explains two of the most important things to be aware of as you are setting your animal up for the judge. Proper foot placement in the picture on the left and how to remind Daisy to keep a straight level back in the picture on the right.

Things are beginning to get real serious as show superintendent, Dr. Ron Gill speaks to the exhibitors with a few last minute instructions. Won't be long now, it's time to put those nerves of steel in gear.

The big moment arrives and Heather and Daisy make the flawless trip into the ring. The ring steward gives instructions while the judge is getting the first look ever at a British White in the Texas State Fair Show Ring. Congratulations Heather & Daisy, it is a record that can never be broken.


The ring steward gives Heather instructions as to how he wants her and Daisy to pose in the center of the ring while the announcer tells the audience about British White Cattle.

Standing at attention in the middle of a very large show ring all by themselves while the announcer in a very clear and loud voice, with loud speakers strategically placed in all the cattle barns and around the State Fair Grounds, makes a speech about British White Cattle and how this was the first time a British White had ever been shown at the Great Texas State Fair.

Show Superintendent, Dr. Ron Gill presents Heather with her first place blue ribbon and directs her to the champions holding area to await the class winners in the older classes and reminds her to keep her heifer ready for the championship drive.

Mom can't resist any longer, while Heather holds the halter she has to shed a tear and give Daisy a little loving while waiting for the championship drive.




It's time to pick the overall champion heifer. Exhibitors line your heifers up along the rail facing the spectators. You have all done a good job and it's time to show off all the class winners.

Walking the class winners to give the judge a better look at how they travel. A major factor in any champion animal is how well they walk and carry themselves. It is an exhibit of possible longevity as a producing animal.

Here the judge is making one last final walk around looking for any small item he may have previously not seen. He feels sure he has the correct champion in mind but knows one more look is always in order.


Now the show is over and it's picture taking time. No we did not win the overall champion trophy but I believe more spectators will remember British White over all other breeds combined. These two young ladies represented us well.


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when the professional photographers pictures are received.

It took a little extra effort on a few individuals but it was an excellent promotion
of British White cattle. Daisy was by far the youngest heifer in the show, she was
only six months old and all the others were well over a year old. This even worked
to our advantage as it made her stand out even more. Just a baby!
How do you make a cow with black ears?
Are they real?
And many other unusual questions that as British White breeders we take the answers for granted.