Winter in Texas, USA at Halliburton Farms

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An unusual greeting met me on my way to feed early morning 2/6/02.
It's hard to believe that I would leave this for what you see on the left.
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Looking East our our front door early morning.
Front, East side of our house, early morning February 6, 2002.
Barn in back, Northwest of house, brave this to do chores.
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Looking Southwest across back yard into pasture.
Looking West from under sign at entrance to our main barn.
Looking West across small pasture from West of main barn.
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Pond in small pasture West of main barn. Under trees on dam is favorite hangout for cattle. Picture taken looking South. This is same pond, picture taken looking North. Cattle are on top of dam. Why here when they had free access to a barn? West side of same pond, looking South. This was an uninhabited area on this early morning.

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