2001 Winter in Texas, USA
Halliburton Farms

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Looking East towards main barn, early morning February 6, 2002.
Almost identical picture taken 4 days later, what a change.
Cattle relaxing on February 9, 2002, 4 days after blizzard.
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Winter time feeding, large round bales of wheat/oat hay. We also feed mineral and protein lick as free choice (snack food.)
Not really much to look at, but she has a big bull calf nursing and is our oldest cow. She is 17 years old. Good Longevity!
Another picture around the hay feeder. The wheat/oat hay tested 13+% protein and we keep it in front of them.
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A two day old heifer calf, missed being born in the blizzard by a few hours. She is "AAA" in our Fullblood program, by Rito Another hay feeder in the Bull pasture. These bulls are American Fullbloods, Colonel and Duke. This picture taken in front, East of our house, looking Southeast towards the main barn. House is 1/4 mile off main road.

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