White Park Cattle in Australia

  I get many replies and comments from subscribers to my British White Enews Newsletter but this one, with pictures was so interesting I felt it must be shared. It comes from a White Park Breeder and British White News subscriber in Australia, Garry Hodgen.

Garry writes;

Subject " White Park" type cattle in Western Australia


We do have a couple of dedicated British White producers in Western Australia who have some very attractive and functional cattle.

I am, however the only serious breeder of White Park Cattle in WA. Here's some pictures of my little herd for your interest. They are not "pure-bred" but I am using a pure sire (Heritage Park Zebulon), semen imported from the US as part of an "up-grading" exercise. I am in touch with the White Park Cattle Society in the UK and am hopeful of getting semen from one or more of the ancient herds there.

The White Park calves have a low birth weight but are very robust and active soon after birth. I believe that the herd "defense behavior" trait and horns should suit White Park Cattle to the Australian rangeland production areas, especially where wild dogs (dingoes) are a problem.

My herd is kept on the property of my parents, Bill and Esther Hodgen. My father will be 80 this August and my mother is in her mid 70s and both are confident to "work" the cattle. The property is at Serpentine about 65 kms south from the city of Perth in "sunny" Western Australia.

I look forward to, and enjoy receiving, your newsletters and information about British White Cattle. Many of the "easy-care" and hardiness attributes of British Whites are common to the White Park Cattle.

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